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Grease Monkey Strain Review

Yeah it’s a mechanic because it puts in that work! OK I have no clue why it is called Grease Monkey. I do know Grease Monkey is the product of crossing Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream. The result is a strain of amazing sweetness that offers potent medicinal relief.
Grease Monkey is said to range in THC levels from the mid twenties (24%) to the high twenties (28%). The terpene profile of Grease Monkey is dominated by Beta Myrcene and Limonene according to Hytiva These terpenes are responsible for providing this strain its’ earthy, musky, and citrus flavors and scents respectively. Grease Monkey has a contrast of tastes that balance nicely. The first toke hits the throat with a sweet and skunk diesel kinda energy…on the exhale flavors of lemon and subtle vanilla spice exude.  

Grease Monkey’s high THC level corresponds to its potent effects as a medicine for muscle relaxation, pain relief, and insomnia. This strain also is said to carry a 1% CBD level adding to its medicinal benefits. Grease Monkey is described as a indica dominant strain at about 70/30 on the indica side. Yes, it has the powerful sedating effects and definitely body relaxation. It does not initiate couch-lock. The sedating relaxation is strong, but never totally erased the sativa effects. It is definitely an evening strain so use with caution!