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Grapefruit Tangie Strain Review

Select Co-Op did it big this week. It truly was hard as shit to narrow down what I wanted this week as so many awesome sativas were available. If you choose Grapefruit Tangie you can’t go wrong. The name tells you exactly what you are getting. Its Grapefruit crossed with Tangie.

Grapefruit Art

I have worn out my DJ Clue “New strain” echo voice this week. So I’ll take you back to Granddaddy IU… “It’s something… Something new… From (Select too) U” in my melodious singing voice! Yes, Grapefruit Tangie will have you vibing like that. This is a get up, have fun, and do shit sativa hybrid. The taste of the strains combine for a citrus blast!

On a side note I hate the name Tangie for a strain. I have never gotten it as it always sounds too cute for my taste. I like Diesel dankness. However, Grapefruit Tangie offers a decadent sweet citrus taste that has some pineyness on the back end. Grapefruit Tangie can get up to 20% THC levels. This is an awesome day time strain for energy, focus, and energy to just enjoy shit!

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