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Grape Sorbet Strain Review

This strain has a silky smooth sounding name. I thought it was going to be an indica, but my folks at Select let me know it is a sativa leaning hybrid. It sounds like it should be spoken in the voice from the “Grey Poupon’ commercials… “Excuse me, do you have any Grape Sorbet“?

Well yes… Thankfully I do! Grape Sorbet is the product of crossing Blue Satellite and Cinderella strains. This strain is definitely named for its flavor. Grape Sorbet tastes of sweet fruity berries dominated by a grape essence balanced by a creamy sweet vanilla flavor. As soon as you open the bag you can smell the abundance of grape essence.

Grape Sorbet is said to be 65% sativa leaning. While this is not my ideal wake and bake strain it is good for anytime use. Almost instantly this strain elevates mood, sparks creative thoughts, and energizes the mind to get things accomplished. The body will become relaxed and pain-free while still being functional without couch-lock. Grape Sorbet strain can get up to 18% THC levels.  

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