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Grand Daddy Diesel Strain Review

Grand DD! It’s been said “if you scared then say you scared”. I was scared. I was shook. Sour Diesel is my sativa go to. If its around I get it! Grandaddy Purp I tried years ago. This was before I knew what indica and sativa even meant. If I smoked that on a Monday night, I think I blinked and opened my eyes Wednesday morning like what happened. I am scared of the indica power of Grandaddy Purp and aint scared to say I’m scared. So I see Granddaddy Diesel, a cross of Sour Diesel and Grandaddy Purp…I am intrigued but scared to lose a day of my life again.

Enter my Select Co-op representative to save the day. After going through the menu, I told my guy I was intrigued by the Granddaddy Diesel but was scared it would couch-lock me indefinitely…He laughed and definitively said…”Get it”! He never steers me wrong so here we go. I will start with the appearance and smell. If you can get THC effects from sight alone Granddaddy Diesel would give it to you. There are deep shades of purple with hues of blue radiating through the bud structure. It has shining trichromes all over like someone sprinkled sugar frosting on it. As you break it apart a cornucopia of scents overwhelm from grapes, lavenders, pines, slight skunk scents combining to create beauty. Now to use it…

The taste is a strong grape fruit flavor with a hint of the diesel dankness on the back end. I recognize and enjoy the Granddaddy Purp taste that dominates this strain. The strong body relaxation is also familiar and oh so enjoyable. I am definitely couch chilling. I am not couch-locked though. My mind is clear and not foggy or heavy, yet my body is like being wrapped in a warm blanket. This is chill for daytime use if you are clear you want to chill. I wouldn’t hit this before a workout but to make breakfast and listen to an audiobook or enjoy some tunes is pleasantly enhanced by Granddaddy DieselGrand DD for sure!

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