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Gorilla Widow Strain Review

Ring the alarm a new strain is growing… Ring the alarm, on a new strain we toking…Wooooaah. Big Ups in my dancehall reggae voice. The name of this strain gives me the image of an angry primate you want to avoid due to her mourning. I would avoid a Gorilla Widow at all costs.

White Widow

However, as a strain this is something we can check out. Gorilla Widow is a straightforward name for what this strain is. The parents White Widow and The Gorilla produced Gorilla Widow. This strain is an indica dominant experience.

Gorilla Widow is a damn tranquilizer dart. I needed something to wind down at night. Folks at Select told me those who got this strain said they liked it. These folks must like being in a coma. Enjoy late in the evening or late afternoon when you are done for the day. This strain is heavily sedating and not too much is happening after you hit this.

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