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Gorilla Glue Strain Review

Ketosis diet, Atkins, diet, vegan, pescatarian… Sativa, indica, sativa-dominant, indica-dominant. Sometimes we get so focused on the label of a thing we miss what it actually is. Gorilla Glue #1, aka “420 glue” transcends the labels ascribed to it. Gorilla Glue is considered an indica-dominant hybrid. Which is interesting with genetics from Chocolate Diesel and Sour Diesel I expect more of a sativa balance. Gorilla Glue provides a sativa energy in the mind with indica effect nicely glossing over the body.

Body high box checked…Cerebral box checked…Happy box checked…Uplifting/energetic box checked….Sleepy/couch lock/heavy box UNCHECKED! I have none of the effects of what I associate with an indica.  Users of indica enjoy doing your thing. I just do not want anything that slows me down and makes me feel heavy. Contrarily, I am enjoying marinating this Aha Tuna steak that will be for an early dinner after round two of Gorilla Glue

Just as a fitness diet/lifestyle is not a rigid fir into one box entity neither are strains. It is about how the specific strain has been reared and not what  a random review site says it is. I appreciate being able to ask my guys at Select Co-op about the menu and getting back honest and knowledgeable feedback about the strains being offered.

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