Gorilla Girl – The perfect blend of GG4 and GSC!

Oh my god! I know I tend to be excitable when it comes to some of these strains I pontificate upon for your mild amusement,  hopefully. I decided before I hop on my review machine full of a perfect blend of two of my fav sativa strains I’d take a breath and sleep in it. After one of the best rapid eye movement sessions in a while her calls began.

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Excuse me, let me introduce you to a hybrid containing Gg4 and Gsc! That’s right. Two cornerstones of sativa dome rarely merged to bring you the up, alert, creative of gorilla’s roots punctuated by the high energy smoothness of GSC grounded in its South African landrace father Durban Poison. The elusive Gorilla Girl’s slightly dense buds with a slight sheen of trichs smile at me like a new lover. Wake and bake. Blow and go. U will not be couchlock as a matter of a fact you might end up cleaning the couch, I did. If you see it. Grab it!