Strain Reviews

Gorilla Girl Strain Review

Stop playing! I mean a cross of Thin Mint Cookies and Gorilla Glue producing a sativa hybrid with THC levels in the mid 20 percents. I can be quarantined with this for a minute. The sweet  and subtle pine flavors of the Thin Mint Cookies are intertwined with diesel and a subtle chocolate flavor from the Gorilla Glue. The smoke is beautifully intense and a challenge to maintain as you take it down. Coughing away, a headrush of elation gives way to blast of creative forces direct from the muses.

You want to challenge the theories of the universe, try to make chocolate hummus, or make up a different circuit for a bodyweight HIT session…at least I do. I want to do stuff and new try new things off first blast. The effects will go where you take it. If engaged in social activities the day will flow seamlessly and you will be the most interesting man in the room sipping on a Dos Equis. After some time, however, if one chooses to TV binge or listen to music reclining prepare to possibly go down a wormhole of couchlock. This strain follows Newton’s law, if you maintain your body in motion, you will stay in motion.  

When you crack open these buds scents of fresh cut wood, citrus, tropical fruits,and hint of cookie dough wallop the senses. The dynamic potency of this strains lineage produces amazing beauty to behold. Like the feathers of a peacock or mane of a lion its a flag to show all recognize be-yatch! When you say smoking trees its accurate. The buds are like miniature conical redwoods. Lime green slightly nuggets are contrasted with Sour Diesel like stringy leaves of with displays of oranges and glimmering crystals. You see it and you instantly know, get it!

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