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Gorilla Diesel Strain Review

You know what time it is… Cue the metal static DJ Clue voice echo…. “New strain, new strain, new strain”! All I could find on this was seed information. Gorilla is a toker’s classic and we know what Diesel is all about so let’s see what it do!

Gorilla Diesel Art

Gorilla Diesel‘s only known parent is Gorilla Glue #4. I strongly suspect some Diesel is in there too. Not only for the stringy elongated nature of the bud structure nut also because of the sour dankness and diesel fume smell and taste. There are some earthy, vanilla, and slight chocolate scents in there as well.

Diesel has the terpenes Limonene and Myrcene in its profile. So not only does it provide sativa focus, energy, euphoria, and creative focus; it also provides pain relief and muscle relaxation while not giving a heavy or clouded effect. Gorilla Diesel is a perfect any time of day toke to get shit done, focus the mind, and give pain and muscle relief.

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