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Gorilla Cream Strain Review

Let’s get into this Gorilla Cream y’all. Excuse me, Mr. Gorilla Cream to keep it formal as we have not been introduced. If a gorilla has Mr. in front of its name I am not one to argue. He can Mr. Mogilla Gorilla Cream all day.

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Mr. Gorilla Cream was bred by Mr. Hide Seeds. They keep shit formal and professional over there obviously. Wonder if they breed Mr. TITS (This is the Shit) strain? OK anyway, Gorilla Cream is the product of crossing Gorilla Glue with Cookies and Cream as well as Big Bud. The indica nature of Big Bud and indica side of the balanced hybrid Cookies and Cream activate the indica properties of Gorilla Glue.

This strain is said to be a hybrid, but is indica leaning for my taste. The effects are not couch-locking, but are definite for evening relaxation. A little sativa upliftment comes along for the ride but this is definitely an indica party. The taste is a diesel, creamy, spicy, peppery cookie. Enjoy indica lovers!

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