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May 11, 2021
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GOP Blocks THC

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“So it was no surprise to many that on Thursday the GOP led Joint Finance Committee of Wisconsin removed language from a bill.”


Recently we did an article about perceptions on cannabis in this country. What researchers found (the study was quoted by Leafly) was that US citizens mostly concentrated in middle America hold on to perceptions of cannabis users being criminal, lazy, stoners, and do not contribute to society. Middle America is GOP country. Although consistently studies show cannabis users do not have a predominant racial, social, or economic demographic; smokers are part of every American milieu.

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So it was no surprise to many that on Thursday the GOP led Joint Finance Committee of Wisconsin removed language from a bill that would “establish an adult-use cannabis market and medical marijuana system”. According to MarijuanaMoment, the move was anticipated and the Democrat policy makers of the state are urging citizens to speak up for their support of the bill. Not only was the marijuana bill rejected, but in addition Medicaid expansion was cut, collective bargaining expansion was cut, and $1 billion dollars in tax increases were cut.

Do we see a theme? The provisions to help working and middle class citizens for health care and worker’s rights were eliminated. Tax increases were eliminated. It is amazing how people will cut off their nose to spite their face. The politicians know the data but move on party lines. However, with the state still attempting to rebound its economy from COVID it is amazing the majority allow the elite minority to dictate the politics. Do we live in the age where the tail wags the dog?

According to the MarijuanaMoment, Governor Evers proposed legislation was typical among legalization policies allowing “adults 21 and older, or qualifying patients to purchase and possess cannabis for recreational use up to two ounces. In addition language was eliminated that would have allowed easier routes to expunge criminal records and reduce the state’s prison population. It is estimated 58% of Wisconsin residents support legalization of cannabis. Possibly they need an aggressive campaign to get that number well above 60%.

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Evers has discussed that he held numerous town hall meetings to gauge the desire of the voters. Evers evokes the language of the words inscribed on the ceiling of the capitol… “The will of the people is the law of the land, and I take that very seriously”, The MarijuanaMoment reports. That is a great bite by the governor. Politics and media posturing aside his point is valid. If the voters consistently express their will, who are the legislators to ignore the people’s will?

Comically, Governor Evers expresses he’s now growing too despise speaking to the governor of Illinois. The governor of Illinois consistently thanks Evers for Wisconsin dragging its feet on cannabis legalization. The result is Wisconsinites driving into Illinois to enrich the coffers of the neighboring state. All as a result of GOP politicians playing the party game and not listening to the will of the voters. 

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