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Golden State Banana Strain Review

I got this off the name alone. I am not a Warriors fan (Durant’s move there was weak), but Golden State Banana just sounds like its a blast of sweet sunshine. I have been getting in two-a-day workout sessions and told my guy at Select Co-op I need something to help the muscles and mind relax in the evening. At 25% THC level this should do it.   

This is a very, very sweet strain. Have some water nearby and drink water before starting this little treat. The taste and smell of bananas abounds with hints of tropical fruits and skunk pine following behind. Its tastes are a nice blend from the parent strains of Ghost OG and Banana Kush. Munchies shall come and shall come hard and intensely; practice some self-control in the kitchen on this one.  

The OG and Kush indica elements are potent and heavy in this strain. This is an indica lover’s dream with taste and effects at a premiere level. The strain hits with elevating and euphoric effects to start the process. I just felt warm and fuzzy. Shortly after that warm and fuzzy tingle turned into a warm and fuzzy thermal blanket of engulfment. I was couch-locked and enjoyed it. I did make it to the bedroom of my own volition and slept divinely!