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Mar 23, 2020
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Goji Og Strain Review

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Got that Goji Og…bred seeds by Bodhi…It will have you rhyming, climbing, diving, and jiving! This shit is fun! If you have ever had Goji berries they have a unique and mysterious taste.  You ask yourself, is this sweet and sour, sour and sweet, tangy and fruity… you don’t know, but you know you like it and it has numerous antioxidant benefits so you eat it. Goji OG buds are small and not very dense, like the Goji berry is small. The color is not exciting but is appreciated. Green small nuggets with reddish golden hairs layer the tiny buds with a thin veneer of trichomes giving it some appeal.

Goji berries have an eclectic blend of aromas to the little buggers. Berries, tropical fruit, citrus scents combine with surprising almost lavender like enticements teasing the senses. Goji OG follows in suit with its namesake. The tastes of tropical fruits, citrus, and fresh berries combine with licorice and terpene flavors to give a shockingly lovely mouthful of joy. On exhale the fruitful flavors dominate and demand you take another hit!

Gogi Og is the offspring of Snow Lotus and Nepali OG. This is a sativa smoker’s premiere strain for sure. The THC levels are at mid 20 percents with CBD and .5% this is ideal for pain relief and muscle relaxation, but not major physical disorders or illness. This is a fun experience. Novice users beware. The mental effects are instant. 

A rush of euphoric energizing energy pulls the mind into psychedelic fun while the body is buzzed and feeling gooood! Any passive day time activity will be enhanced. I would not be very physically active on this strain. Honestly, you will not want to; but rather just enjoy witnessing the effect unfold!

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