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Gobstopper Strain Review

Select Co-op wins my award for most and best strains around DC hands down! Especially with this new strain Gobstopper. They are spoiling me too… the gifts for gifts is just too much y’all! I also have a confession to make. I have never had a Gobstopper but that’s not the point! Now lets get into this new strain review!

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I was never big on candy. My friends had them back in the day but I never wanted any. If Gobstopper tastes like the candy of the same name, then I missed out. This strain tastes of sugary sweet berries, sour citrus flavors, and creamy frosting, and a touch of diesel all at once.  

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Gobstopper may get up to 16% THC levels and offer 1% CBD as well. Gobstopper is an evenly balanced hybrid and is the product of crossing Candy Diesel and Vortex. This strain provides a balance of focused mental energy and euphoric relaxation that is functional. Which is why I recommend this as a day-time strain. If you’re looking for a different strain or got your eye on something else make sure to check out all my strain reviews here!

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