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GMO Strain Review

GMO, aka GMO cookies first is a strain name to remember. It’s funny to me outside of land races as all cannabis strains are technically “genetically modified organisms”. This organism was modified by crossing the famous strains of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. These two sativa dominant strains combine to create a potent unique indica dominant profile.

By unique strain profile I mean the brilliant and rare terpenes that this strain releases. The taste and scent of heavy garlic and spicy peppers is overwhelming on the initial pull and maintains potency long after exhale. This garlic spice flavor is balanced with a stale rotting coffee or dead wood smell. Like the uniqueness of sour diesel’s scent you will remember this beautiful stank of GMO.

GMO has a THC range of levels between 19% to 25%. This is an indica for medicinal use and those needing powerful pain relief. Somehow the two sativa parents combine to create a strain that is said to be 90% indica. This strain hits hard and powerfully. Sedative body relaxation, treatment for insomnia, anxiety relief, inflammation….yes, yes, yes, and yes. Go down the indica checklist and this strain does it all. Use cautiously and for the purposes of staying inside, going nowhere, and doing nothing.