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GMO Strain Review

Garlic Cookies is a disgusting idea and a horrible name. The thought of a garlic cookie seems like a malicious practical joke. I much prefer the name GMO cookies. I deal with a Genetically Modified cookie before I eat a garlic one!


Now that I got that out of my system… GMO Cookies is a heavy indica dominant strain. This strain is said to be 90% indica dominant. Select Co-Op is coming with the indica heavy-hitters lately. GMO Cookies is the result of crossing Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies

The Chemdawg and GSC combine to create a pungent, garlicky, rancid smell and taste. I do not like the smell and taste of this strain. If you are getting this strain it is for the effects. Shortly after the first toke, the 24% THC level kicks in and the body and mind descend into couch-lock and/or sleepy Ville. Enjoy sparingly at night!

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