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GMO Strain Review

Some may say I am a bit of a health food nut. We are about organic veggies, alkaline eating, food combining and shit like that. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are food sources that I try to avoid. There are always exceptions to the rule. I’ll take the effects of the GMO strain any day.

GMO, aka Garlic Cookies… Ewww that shit sounds nasty, but anyway, GMO is the creation of crossing Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Chemdawg. Two of my all-time favorite strains. Both of GMO’s parents balance sativa energy with body relaxation and awesome tastes to boot. The funk of Chemdawg and the sweetness of GSC combine to make garlic spice flavor that lingers well after exhale.

GMO is a conundrum for me. It is said this strain is 90% indica dominant. I don’t know how hailing from Chemdawg and GSC. Plus it does not hit me like a heavy indica. Don’t get me wrong, because after an hour or so I definitely am in relaxed mode. However, I am nowhere near couch-locked, maintain the euphoric and elating energy, and can still get shit done under the effects. It just has me very relaxed. GMO can get up to 25% in THC levels explaining the long-lasting effects.

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