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Generation Battle

Do you smoke blunts you weed wasting youngin? Such a waste young man and young woman. Okay, do you eat edibles and use a vaporizer because you are so refined now, old head? Whatever, I’m staying to my tried and true processes. We may have stereotypes and ideas about who smokes what and how others smoke. Recently Marijuana Business Daily published research on how Baby Boomers smoke vs. how Millennial’s smoke. Let the generational cannabis comparisons begin!

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First a disclaimer. I am not mad at Marijuana Business Daily. I am not hating either. However, with all due respect (like Ricky Bobby before throwing insults)… I ain’t either one! My mother is a Baby Boomer and I have managed Millennial’s. When I was young we were “Generation X”. So a mid 40, early 50 year old is considered what for this study? I guess get in where you fit in y’all. I am in my mid 40’s and have more conservative and old school ways so I’ll lump myself in the Baby Boomer’s box. If you are wearing skinny, jeans, have a Mohawk, and/or on Tik Tok I don’t care how old you are, slide yourself into the Millennial’s box. Not hatin… Just sayin… Let’s get into the comparisons y’all!

First off let’s look at the tried and true format. Who inhales cannabis? Of those polled 50% of millennial’s prefer to inhale cannabis and spend about $85 a month on usage. 39% of baby boomers choose to inhale cannabis spending about $70 a month on smoking cannabis. I guess I’m down with the millennial’s here! I’m definitely spending more per month than their “average” as well!

Who is consuming cannabis in a capsule or pill form? Like on Family Feud…”The survey says”….Baby Boomers! 23% of Baby Boomers are dosing with capsules. Only 10% of Millennial’s are doing it. Interesting? I suspect it has to do with dosing for medicinal purposes than recreation. I don’t want to pop a pill for my 4:20 fun!

Who is vaping their cannabis? “Survey says… It’s the Millennial’s! It is close though. 14% of Millennial’s choose to vape. While 10% of Baby Boomers choose to vape. While I perceived vaping as an older, more mature way to consume cannabis obviously I am wrong. I still ain’t made the transition yet! I like my joints!

The article goes on to explain some factors that we may have questioned or have thought need to be mentioned. First is familiarity. Habits become ingrained and often how one formed a relationship with cannabis when first beginning maintains as the primary means of use. Economics is a factor of course. Flowers are cheaper than concentrates, edibles, etc. Lastly, of course is also accessibility. Flowers are available in most places. People may have problems getting access to other forms of cannabis.

This research study was done by Verilife, which is an element of the Chicago marijuana company Pharma Cann. The study was done to identify how to reach specific demographics with specific cannabis products. I think it is fun just to look at the data! 4:20 out!

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