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Gelato#33 Strain Review

Some folks call this strain Larry Bird. I have read reviews of this strain that say obviously, and/or probably Larry Bird never smoked any cannabis. I am like really… He had glaring back issues late in his career, is from the sticks of Indiana, and had a lot of stories about his party life the NBA definitely did not want known.

Gelato#33 Strain Review

Anyway, I am rambling off this Gelato#33, aka Larry Bird. Gelato has Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison as parents to emulate. Gelato #33 hits with a blast of euphoric almost hazy energy from the first toke. This gives way to a functional body relaxation while the cerebral effect is an energized but dazed sativa experience.  

Gelato#33 Strain Review

Gelato #33 can get up to 22% THC levels. The strain is an evenly balanced hybrid somewhat sativa dominant. I wanted something as evening wind down that was not too heavy. Select Co-op did not disappoint.

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