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Feb 27, 2021
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2 New Dominant Gastro Zookies Strain Reviews

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“Do Gastro Zookies make your gas feel better or do they give you gas? This strain is the crossing Animal Cookies and Original Clue.”


My nephew told me this joke about gastro zookies strain. What carries in the wind and friends deny they did it or don’t want you to do it? … A fart! That is what came to mind when I heard of Gastro Zookies strain!

Strain Review
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What is Gastro Zookies Strain Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa?

Do Gastro Zookies strain make your gas feel better or do they give you gas? Interesting name, but let me sound the alarm because as I clear my reggae dancehall accent voice… “Ring the alarm, another strain is growing, OOOHHH…. Ring the alarm another strain we toking… BOOOYYAAA. Gastro Zookies is a new hybrid.

What crossing make Gastro Zookies Strain?

This strain is the product of crossing Animal Cookies and Original Clue. The result is original decadence! The strain tastes sweet nutty cookie flavors balanced with spicy dank earthy flavors. The effects is a mental euphoria that yields to powerful pain and inflammation relief. Enjoy in the evening.

Strain Review
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