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Gary Payton Strain Review

“GP are you with me?”… No, I am not spitting old Kirk Franklin songs. We are speaking about the Gary Payton strain. Why is it named after the NBA defensive and trash-talking legend? Good question!

The Y

Gary Payton is the product of crossing The Y strain and the Snowman strain. Actually, this strain is named Cookies Cary Payton. Gary Payton did get mad cookies back in the day… As in a plethora of on-ball steals on the court. Gary Payton strain can get up to 25% THC levels while offering 5% CBD effects.  


Gary Payton is an amazing hybrid. This strain is balanced for all-day functionality. The first effects are a cerebral boost of elation and peaceful bliss. As the effects increase, energy builds as well as focus the desire to laugh and play. Gary Payton has a seducing sweet diesel flavor balanced by a sweet, floral, and slightly fruity piney element. This is a rare hybrid so grab it while Select Co-op has it.

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