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New Garlic MAC Review

Thank you, Select Co-Op.  You all remain my number one recreational dispensary in Washington, DC.  I have to break out my Grand-daddy IU back-up singers…” This is something, something new; from Select to you”.  I love being able to grab the newest high quality cannabis gifts!

garlic mac


Garlic MAC is the product of crossing Garlic Bud, aka Garlic Kush with Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC).   Miracle Alien Cookies is an evenly balanced hybrid that provides deep body relaxation.  The Garlic Kush adds a hazy and heavy indica effect that makes Garlic MAC an evening treat for winding down.


Garlic MAC has a pungent, musky, dank sour citrus flavor with a slightly spicy aftertaste.  I have no idea about the THC levels of this strain, but the body relaxing effects are couch-locking intense.  It is one of the most potent strains of weed in Washington, DC.

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