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2 New Dominant G Wagon Strain Reviews

This strain’s name and the strain itself has me over here tripping 2 New Dominant G Wagon Strain Reviews. “G G G G G G Wagon” coming through! I am not picturing the G Unit but some Mormons in a wagon crossing the plains 200 years ago on some gangster murderous shit. Either you know the history or you don’t… I study history and had no idea this is a car as that ain’t my focus.

Strain Review
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G Wagon Strain Sativa or Indica Dominant?

G Wagon has a lineage to appreciate and behold in awe. This strain is the product of crossing Jet Fuel and Ghost Train Haze. We love this strain to begin the evening. Not because it’s relaxing, but because it’s elevating, mentally creative, and physically arousing. As smooth as low riders, this strain will have your senses heightened. Even food will taste 10 times better after smoking. This is a great strain for a long night of intimacy… Possibly in the back seat of the (GW) jeep.

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What is the G Wagon Strain?

G Wagon is said to be 80% sativa dominant. This strain may also top out at 22% THC levels. This strain tastes of sour lemony almost diesel like elements combined with a sweet citrus and herbal profile. Grab a wagon while Select Co-op is moving them out! For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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