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Fruity Pebbles Strain Review

Full disclosure here; I am not a fan of indicas, sweet fruity shit when it comes to smoking, or cute ass names of my weed. Also this strain has another disadvantage with me. I remember it from childhood and ain’t fuck with it then. I liked cereals with nuts, honey, raisins… “Clusters’, Honey Bunches of “O’s” etc. My younger brother liked Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Crisps. I never liked my cereal tasting like candy or cake. So I have always been suspect against Fruity Pebbles and never grab it when it is around.

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Select was out of my Petrol on Fire so I tried out a little of the Fruity Pebbles. My honest opinion is Fruity Pebbles strain is pretty good. It is not awesome, I probably won’t get it again, but it is OK and I am not complaining or mad that I got it.

The strain tastes of sugary sweet berries. The nuggets were very small like the cereal so I get the name. THC levels are said to top out at 20% ,but can be as low as 12%. The mental effect is a mild cerebral focus that lightly invigorates and energizes with relaxed happiness. Over time a mild body relaxation matches the mental effects slightly sedating the mind and body. Novice users may appreciate the light effects. As an evening strain this is OK for me to just wind down.

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