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Fruit Punch Strain Review

I want to ring the dancehall reggae DJ alarm for a new strain…Technically, this is not a new strain though. I have never had it before so it is a new strain for me. Great pick-up Select Co-op delivery dispensary.

This is the laziest sativa I have experienced in some time. This is late afternoon, evening, or for when you have nothing to do like Smokey and Craig. Fruit Punch strain is the product of crossing Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights. While this strain is 70% sativa leaning, its effects may be surprising. 

Fruit Punch blasts the mind with elation and a sense of care-free enjoyment. This feeling begins as motivation yet shifts to a lackadaisical laziness. Fruit Punch is delicious. It tastes like Hi-C or Hawaiian Punch from childhood. The sweet and tangy citrus and tropical fruit elements beg you to keep smoking. 

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