Fourth Of July A True Holiday For Cannabis Lovers

Do you love cannabis? Well, it turns out that much like 420 the highest of holidays, that the Fourth of July holiday might be the holiday for you. After all, it’s got fireworks, food, sales, and booze, throw in some weed and you’ve got yourself a holiday! Typically, Independence Day is supposed to be a holiday where Americans reflect on and celebrate the greatness that is the American ideal. Despite some of the questionable decisions this country has been making of late, there’s still a reason to celebrate the American spirit and the principles or ideas that make us free. So be a good citizen, call your congressman and demand the change you want to see, but also feel free to stock up on some cannabis and light one up for freedom! Here are some reasons that the July 4th Holiday delivers everything that you need.


Fourth of July is a great time for food! That’s because there are few things better than BBQ. Whether you are a fan of North Carolina’s vinegar – y sauce, or Memphis’ tang, Kansas City’s sweet heat, or Texas’ oak or pecan wood smoke, or Alabama’s white sauce, somewhere this weekend you will find some BBQ with your name on it. The Fourth of July is a grill master’s favorite day. Get baked and take advantage of all those good eats and chow down on some amazing barbecue!

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Paid Time Off

Paid time off has to be any stoner’s three favorite words. It means that you get to chill, and really indulge in your favorite bud. Treat yourself to some premium cannabis, because nothing goes better with a day off than some top – shelf weed. A day off means more time to chill and get high all day. You also don’t have to worry about getting too high, because you don’t have to go to work later. Use this opportunity to try something new like some dabs. Enjoy your mini – vacation ! You’ve earned it!


Personally, I love seeing the sky lit up with big bombastic fireworks. Fireworks are so awesome, I seriously wish that they were professionally curated firework displays year – round. No fireworks show near you, well then do so me bong rips and play with some sparklers. Fireworks are not only fun to light, they’re fun to watch. The bright colors and flashing lights really pop when you’re baked. A word of caution: Be careful. If you’re really baked don’t play with fireworks, hang back and let someone else handle them and light them. Sit back and enjoy the light show!

Fourth of July Sales

That’s right everything is on sale for the Fourth of July, so there’s no better time to splurge or restock necessary items. Food, clothes, cars, appliances, you name it, it’s all on sale for the Fourth of July. Also, it’s a good idea to stock up on weed for the long weekend, so check in with your local dispensary to see what kind of deals they’re offering. Select Co – op always offers free delivery and great prices, so when you place your order, be sure to ask about there Fourth of July specials.

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

Outdoor Activities

While there are other holiday celebrations that great opportunities for food and herbs, there’s something special about the Fourth of July. Smack in the middle of the summer it’s the best time for outdoor activities. So plan to go swimming, on a hike or camping over the long weekend, all fun activities that are even better while stoned.