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Oct 31, 2022
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Four methods to Clean Your Glass Pipe to Perfection

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Glass is one of the most commonly utilized materials in smoking apparatuses for cannabis. For this reason, many people have been left asking themselves, how do you clean your glass pipe? In this article, we will look at the importance of keeping your glass clean, tips on how to do just that, and tried and true methods for cleaning your goopy ganja glass. Let’s start by looking at why you should keep your glass pipes clean.

Why Should You Clean Your Glass Pipe?

There are several reasons why you should keep your glass pipes clean. One is to prevent the spread of germs, as many glass pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other smoking apparatuses are used socially among friends. It is also essential to keep your glass clean to ensure that you are not inhaling any tar residue, mold, or bacteria.

By cleaning your glass pipes regularly, you can help to prevent the buildup of bacteria and residue, in return also helping to extend the life of your glass. Additionally, your cannabis will taste much better and be more effective when you consume it through a clean bong or pipe compared to one with buildup and residue from prior use.

How Do You Clean a Glass Pipe?

There are many different ways to clean a glass pipe. Some methods have been tested, proven, and widely embraced for years.

How to Clean Your Glass with Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt

When it comes to keeping your smoking accessories clean, isopropyl alcohol is your friend. When combined with the power of table salts, it becomes a powerful glass-cleaning agent that has been embraced and trusted by cannabis consumers for decades. When using isopropyl alcohol to clean glass bongs, pipes, or dab rigs, it is best to use a higher percentage of isopropyl alcohol, such as 91%. Higher percentages are more effective at removing buildup and offers more robust germ-killing properties.

To clean your glass smoking apparatus with isopropyl alcohol and salt, place your glass piece into a Ziploc bag or Tupperware container. Then add the isopropyl alcohol and salt to the container and gently shake to cover the piece in the solution thoroughly. Seal the container or bag and allow the piece to soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then shake well before thoroughly rinsing with warm water. Place on a towel or paper towel to dry.

For larger glass pieces, such as bongs or dab rigs, pour the cleaning solution into the pipe or rig and cover any holes with your fingers while vigorously shaking the mixture within the glass piece. Repeat as needed before rinsing and drying.

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For the best results, rinse your glass thoroughly to remove any loose particles before submerging the glass in the cleaning solution or adding the solution to your piece. Regarding what salt to use, some say they all work the same, while others prefer iodine-free salt or more abrasive salts such as sea salt. For leftover residue after cleaning, you can use a combination of lemon juice and warm water to remove additional pesky spots.

Alternative Methods to Clean Your Glass Pipe

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar 

Suppose you prefer to use a less dangerous and nonflammable cleaning solution. In that case, you can change up the isopropyl alcohol and salt in the above directions and substitute them with baking soda and vinegar as an alternative.

The rules for using this solution are the same. However, there is no risk of ignition of the alcohol or residual solution being left behind and inhaled. It is still recommended, though, that you thoroughly rinse your glass piece after using this cleaning solution as you would with any other solution or cleaning agent.

Boiling water is also an excellent alternative for cleaning glass pipes and bongs. You don’t want to boil your glass as it could cause it to break, but you can use boiling hot water to soak it in to break up residue and buildup.

Boil enough water to submerge your glass piece. Once the water begins to boil, remove it from the heat and place your glass in the water. Be sure to use a potholder when removing the glass from the water, as it will be extremely hot. It is recommended when using this method to allow the glass to soak for a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Use a Pipe Cleaning Agent from Your Local Headshop or Online Retailer

Aside from homemade cleaning solutions like the ones covered above, there are also many glass cleaning agents available for purchase from online retailers and headshops nationwide. Some of the more well-known ones include Formula 420, Orange Chronic, Grand Master Smoke, and Kryptonite, to name a few.

5 Tips for Preventing Your Glass from Getting Dirty

  1. Never allow water to sit in a bong for more than 8 hours.
  2. Rinse your glass bongs thoroughly after each use.
  3. When using dab rigs, use isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip to clean your banger after each use to prevent charring.
  4. Clean your glass pieces with a cleaning solution at least once a week if used regularly.
  5. Clean out your bowl with a pipe tool after each use.

Glass will remain the golden standard for smoking cannabis from a bowl or bong. You must know how to maintain and clean them for an optimal and safe consumption experience. We hope the tips and techniques above help you do that every time.

What is your favorite way to clean your glass smoking apparatuses? Do you have a preferred solution that is your go-to? Have tips to help others maintain their glass? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Ashley Priest is a patient, mother, entrepreneur, and activist that fights to end prohibition globally for a better future for all. Ashley has a passion for sharing education pertaining to the goddess plant known as cannabis. She believes that a single seed can tip the scales and that together through education we can end the stigma that is preventing cannabis from flowering to its full potential globally.

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