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Fortune Cookies Strain Review

Fortune Cookie proverb writers have become quite lazy. Have you had one recently? My daughter had one recently that said “who gets their fortune read from a cookie”? Actually, that is pretty good now that I think about it. Let’s see what is in the Fortune Cookie strain.

Girl Scout Cookies GSC

Is Fortune Cookies Strain a Sativa, India, or Hybrid Dominant?

Fortune Cookie strain is also known as Cookies and Kush. I like that name better as this strain is the crossing of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. Select Co-op has been coming with a lot of Cookie strain lately and I appreciate it fosho! Fortune Cookie is a 70% sativa dominant strain that can yield up to 24% THC levels.

Strain Review

Although Fortune Cookies Strain a sativa dominant strain novices should be leary of how much and when. The effect begins with a heady and light cerebral effect that quickly moves into a strong body relaxation. This is good for late afternoon or early evening use. This strain will get you primed to eat and you want to keep smoking it. Fortune Cookies taste of sugary, nutty, vanilla cookies with a pleasant piney spicy aftertaste.

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