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Forbidden Fruit Strain Review

The mind tends to desire what it cannot have or is hard to grasp. If shit was easy to get or obtain nobody would pursue it. Doesn’t matter if its sports, relationships, opportunities… Shit is just life, but hold up! This is one time in life where the Forbidden Fruit can be easily obtained. Just call Select Co-Op!

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Forbidden Fruit, yeah I like the name, is a crossing of Cherry Pie and Tangie. Both are delicious fruity strains. I guess it would be corny to just call the strain Fruit! I love Cherry Pie for its taste and sativa yet relaxing energy. Tangie is a cool sativa hybrid, but when they combine Forbidden Fruit is slightly indica dominant. Forbidden Fruit can reach THC levels of about 25%.

The effects of Forbidden Fruit began with the sativa euphoria and elation of both of its parents. Enjoy the tastes of sweet berries, spices, citrus, dank pine that combine for a wonderful flavor. As you enjoy the taste and sativa effects prepare for the heaviness to come on. Shortly the indica dominance of this strain takes over and forced relaxation and couch-sitting may occur. If you are experienced enough you may be able to break through the couch-lock, but it takes energy! Enjoy your 4:20!

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