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Flying High On The Friendly Skies

Flying High


Flying High On The Friendly Skies

“I have not even thought about trying to fly with cannabis in decades. As a responsible adult it never even crossed my mind.”

I just returned from a trip to Colorado. Yeah my friends think I am crazy. What black man flies to somewhere cold in the winter? Fuck y’all. I ski and we are going to get it in!

Now before I headed out I grabbed some nice Jet Fuel-lato from Select Co-Op. In my checked bag I had my pistol, long rifle, and ammo properly secured. As I was packing I was drawn to pack the Jet Fuel-lato. I didn’t. I am curious about doing it in this day and age.

Jet Fuel Gelato

I have not even thought about trying to fly with cannabis in decades. As a responsible adult it never even crossed my mind. Most of my adult life has been post 9-11 security. However, some folks experience says it is not that big a deal.  

The article I checked out on All Bud indicated the last place to put it is in your checked bag. OK, glad I did not do that because I was thinking to do so. Checked bags are randomly searched and x-rayed. My firearms may definitely give reason to search.

What about your person? Definitely not. The body x-ray, metal detector, and subsequent pat down are too many layers to assume you may squeeze a bag through. What about the checked bag? Some say this is the best way to go. The theory is if you are cool and pack the cannabis cleverly and not in something obvious or prohibited, TSA is looking for suspicion and must do so quickly so the x ray scan is not as intense as you may think. Some people’s experience is getting caught and TSA just takes it or trashes it without calling police, or they may call police and they let you go. Naw, I will never bet on the “coolness” of any law enforcement.  

I understand the theory. I appreciate it. As a black man in America I operate on the assumption that any law enforcement does not look at me and say “I know he is cool”. If this works for some then cool. I got my own shit out in Colorado. Move with 4:20 awareness y’all!

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