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Feb 21, 2021
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Flower Child Of Cannabis

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“I am a child of cannabis flowers. The whole process just is not my thing. I have to hit pause for a second. I am curious as to the “injuries” sustained.”


I am a flower child for sure. No I ain’t no hippie. I am not even old enough to be in that generation. I am a child of cannabis flowers. I have never vaped and never wanted to. The whole process just is not my thing. A partner had me dab with him once. I still think he was trying to kill me. I looked at him like what the fuck is this. He lit the torch and showed me how to hit it. I still hit it like a jay and damn near collapsed a lung. Then he had the nerve to pass it back after he hit it. I am good on that, for life!

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Which brings me to my reason for writing. I was just reading an article on Leafly reporting that in 2019 and 2020, vaping-associated lung injuries killed 68 people and injured 2,807 across the United States. This is from data from the Center for Disease Control. These deaths and injuries were associated with unlicensed products and the illicit market selling tainted substances.

I have to hit pause for a second. I am curious as to the “injuries” sustained. Have people experienced collapsed lungs, brain seizures, or what? Leaving at injuries leaves a lot to ponder, but back to this dangerous situation. Vape cartridges manufacturers have been able to make anything the want and sell it as the industry has boomed and regulators cannot keep up with monitoring. Vape cartridges may contain, vitamin E acetate (aka beard cream oil), squalene, a shark liver oil substance, and/or thousands of food flavorings not approved for inhalation. It is up to the conscience of the manufactures as regulators are not up to par.

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Leafly also reports, “vape chemistry and regulations expert David Heldreth Jr. stepped down as the Chief Science Officer of a vape flavoring company. “It’s painful,” he told Leafly. “It’s one of those things where the industry just popped up and grew so quickly, it’s really difficult to keep up with what people innovate.” It is a precious situation when the chemist that make the stuff feel like they are behind the curve and cannot catch up. I have been a flower smoker since the first blunt. Then I went to papers. Vapers beware. Research and know the company if you must. Otherwise holla at Select Co-Op for some flowers.

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