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Final 4 Matchup

In another great Final 4 matchup viewers witnessed Wedding Cake take down Purple Krunk in a thrilling matchup leading up to the Championship game. Purple Krunk coming off a huge upset win over Gelato #33 was feeling upset minded while Wedding Cake coming off of a decisive victory over Petrol on Fire felt confident in its ability to move on. While being an Indica dominant hybrid strain Purple Krunk gives a full body effect that comes on slowly, but is not over powering. Purple Krunk is that go to strain for when you are trying to wind down at the end of the day. It’s been said that Skunk #1 is part of the genetic makeup of Purple Krunk which explains the distinct skunk aroma along with the earthy sour taste. The medicinal community favors Purple Krunk for its ability to ease fatigue, chronic pain and depression.

Purple Krunk

Wedding Cake coming from the Girl Scout Cookie family provides a great taste with a balanced high. Known for its sour tangy taste, Wedding Cake has been known to have THC levels up to 25%. Famous for its huge buds and brilliant flowers, Wedding Cake stands out amongst other buds. Rookie smokers should be prepared for a spell of dry red eyes and a parched throat as Wedding Cake has been described as harsh amongst some smokers. Within an hour of the 1st pull Wedding Cake has been known to trap the user within their own thoughts. The combination of the physical and mental effects makes Wedding Cake a go to strain for anything under the sun. After a few J’s of Wedding Cake even the best of smokers have been left slumped in the couch from the intense feeling from the Indica side of Wedding Cake.

Sour Diesel

As we look forward to the Championship matchup between Sour Diesel and Wedding Cake fans will be left wondering who will come out on top between these two heavy hitters. Sour Diesel will be entering the contest as a slight favorite as it comes in as the OG strain that has stood the test of time. Both strains have left smokers stoned in cyphers across the nation. Tune in next weekend to see who will hold the title as the #1 weed strain of 2020!

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