Feminized, Auto-Flower, Regular, Or CBD? Your Guide To Weed Seeds

"Feminized seeds stem from crossing female plants with other female plants, which forces female plants to pollinate the other."

If you are looking to make the leap to growing your own cannabis, one of the first things you will need to do is to select the seeds you want to grow. Just a decade and a half ago, there was only regular cannabis seed were available in grow seeds, but since that time, many different seed types have flourished. Today, cannabis seeds are available in four primary categories: regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and CBD. Each type has its own unique advantages, so read on to learn which type flowers the fastest, which is the best for cloning, and which is best for breeding. 

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To determine what kinds of seeds you want, begin with the end in mind. If your goal is to enter the world of breeding, or to grow genetically sturdy clones, regular seeds are the way to go. Regular seeds are natural and come in indica dominant, sativa dominant, high THC, and high CBD varieties. As in nature, they have a 50/50 chance of producing male or female offspring. This is a good thing if you’re producing a new strain, since male plants assist in the pollination process by producing the pollen used to fertilize female flowers for the next generation of cannabis seeds.  There is a wide variety of classic and modern strains available, but the downside is that these seeds are unpredictable, and growers to set up separate spaces to cultivate male and female plants.  

If your aim is to maximize the growth of colas- the central flower cluster that forms among the main stems and large branches in a mature female cannabis – aim for feminized seeds. Feminized seeds stem from crossing female plants with other female plants, which forces female plants to pollinate the other. Feminized seeds almost guarantee your chances of germinating female plants, which means tons of buds. Thusly, it maximizes your chances of growing all dank buds and streamlines the costs of the growing process. However, they are not suitable for breeding purposes and they are less likely to produce viable clones. You’ll likely have to start from seeds each time.  Fun fact, feminized seeds sometimes flip sexes in order to fertilize themselves if left unfertilized. They produce pollen producing structures known as bananas. But in general, you will harvest loaded, resinous flowers, without having to weed out male plants out.  

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Many growers value speed above anything else. If this is your goal, auto-flowering seeds are what you seek. These seeds are grown from the cannabis ruderalis subspecies that contains the auto-flowering trait. They yield small and compact flowers that are easy to grow in discreet conditions- say, in a dark closet, in a bucket, or even disguised among companion plants.  They do yield less and have less THC, but they are perfect for beginners. They age based on time and age, not due to change in light, likely due to their origin in places with short summers where a short grow time was of the essence: places like Central Asia, Russia, and Eastern Europe. If you grow auto-flowering plants, you’ll be able to harvest as soon as possible. 

If you crave the therapeutic effects of cannabis, CBD strains offer these benefits without the high. Some contain almost no THC at all, while others have a 1:1 ratio, and still others are high CBD, sometimes with a 20:1 ratio. These strains are good for calming clarity and used for therapeutic and holistic purposes. If you’re sensitive to too much THC, this might be the right path for you. No matter your target outcome there is a flower seed for you.

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If you grow, share your experience and suggestions for the best seeds below.