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Fatso OG Strain Review

Yeah baby in my Austin Powers voice. It has been a minute since I get to break out the DJ Clue metal echo voice on a few strains….. Let me clear my throat…. “New strains, new strains”… Let’s check out what doughboy does, aka Fatso OG.

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Fatso OG is dank. That is what it should be coming from Stank Dank Farms. That reminds me of a showman… John Bowman…. “Stanky Dink get Riggedy Raw, Stanky Dink Riggedy Raw…” OK, anyway, let me focus and stay on point. Again this is dank. This strain can get up to 27% THC levels. Fatso OG is the product of crossing GMO Cookies and Legend OG.

Fatso OG radiates the sweet taste and cookie flavor of GMO cookies while having a balance of pine and earthy flavors from the Legend OG. Subtle fruity flavors are also detectable. This is an indica. Smoke a lot of this and you will not be getting off the couch…you will be an Fatso OG!

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