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May 20, 2020
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Exploring Marijuana While Social Distancing

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One of the most fascinating repercussions of social distancing is that more people are getting stoned than ever before. Perhaps its the result of marijuana dispensaries being deemed essential business operations, and thus remaining open and accessible. Or, it could be a byproduct of all the anxiety and depression that COVID19 is causing. Medical professionals and consumers recognize marijuana’s medicinal value in treating anxiety, depression, and stress. In fact, in all 33 states where marijuana is legal, there has been a marked increase in cannabis purchases.

Marijuana can provide a warm feeling and the looseness you need while trying to manage these uncertain and scary times; much like a hug from an old friend. However, if you haven’t indulged in a while, or you never really sampled weed to determine your preferred consumption method, obtaining marijuana can seem quite daunting. Don’t despair, enjoying the herb’s medical properties has never been easier. Here is your comprehensive guide to hopping on the happy train.

It’s important to note that smoking is not the best thing for your lungs. The manner in which the virus attacks the respiratory system, demands that we all display an extra measure of caution. That said there are many ways to consume weed that don’t involve smoking, including edibles, tinctures, and even beverages. However, I find the act of smoking a joint, or a blunt to be extremely comfort-inducing. The way my anxiety is set up I need all the comfort I can get, so I say everything in moderation.

Practice Safety When Acquiring Your Weed
There is no better way to practice social distancing than by having your marijuana delivered to your doorstep. For people living inside the DC-metro area, Select Co-Op offers weed delivery service on a phenomenal selection of weed. They offer great deals, and weed delivery is easier and faster than ordering your monthly grocery shop up on InstaCart. Should you feel compelled to select your cannabis in person, be prepared to wait in line. While open, marijuana dispensaries are practicing social distancing. This means limiting the number of patrons allowed in the shop at one given time. If you’re recently curious about indulging in the world of marijuana, trust me, save yourself the time and trouble, and simply order your weed to arrive at your doorstep. It is one of the best decisions that you will make.

How Much Weed Should You Purchase
Weed is generally sold in increments of 1/8 up to one ounce. Prices range from $35 – XX depending on the weed’s quality and strain. High-performance strains generally mean high- performance prices. Premium weed is well worth it, especially when you want to treat oneself. When buying weed, you’re going to want to obtain just enough to consume over the next few days to a week. This is not the time to stock up like you’re going on a food warehouse run. Weed isn’t like wine, it doesn’t tend to get better with age. In fact, weed can lose its potency after being exposed to too much light or heat. Store your weed in a cool dark place, and keep your flower in an air-tight container. Do not attempt to keep it fresh by putting it in the freezer. This will cause the weed to dry out, and possibly even for Trichomes to break off, which diminishes the potency.

Don’t Get Too Stoned
If you’re new to smoking or are trying weed again, after a decade or more, it shouldn’t take too much for you to feel a buzz. So take it easy, and start slow. Everyone’s biochemistry is different, but the level of THC your weed contains determines how it will make you feel. Generally speaking for most people 8 – 16 percent THC should result in a good mood and some positive feelings, while 16 – 25 percent will positively get you stoned, and any product the delivers more than 25% THC is designed to get you so high, that you will feel as if you road a rocket. If you’re a newbie or a neophyte this is probably not the best place to start.

Edibles take longer to kick in than smoke, so don’t make the mistake of thinking whatever amount you initially ingested is not enough. Wait 60 minutes before supplementing your first dosage. Overindulging in weed is deeply regrettable, in addition to paranoia and that scary feeling of being on a seemingly never-ending high, you may scar yourself for life and miss out on all of marijuana’s positive effects because of one bad trip.

The New Marijuana Code of Conduct
You may be aware of marijuana’s sharing culture and a rule called, “puff, puff, pass.” Well in today’s moment of COVID-19, now is not the time to pass. Now definitely seems like the time to have your own weed, roll your own joints, and keep your bongs clean. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from weed’s social merits.

Take the opportunity to send weed as gifts to friends in need, or who confess to being stressed out. Participate in smoking group sessions via social media. Some good smoke can foster and jovial, wide-ranging, and relaxed conversation. Also, share with your delivery person, or your bud-tender by tipping. They’re performing essential services during this time and can use a boost.

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