Everyone Has Their Own 420 Style, What’s Yours?

"My guy at Select keeps me covered, and no matter your style, they’ll cover you this 420. Whether you want to stick with your regular style or something new."

Back in 1971, five high school students in San Rafael, California who called themselves “The Waldos” because of their penchant for hanging out by a wall outside their school, heard a rumor about a Coast Guard member who had planted a cannabis crop he could no longer tend to. They followed the guide of a treasure map to try to find the abandoned product, which they never found. The meeting time for them? 4:20, after sports practices. Thus, 420 was born.

Since then, weed has evolved. It’s a lot stronger than “the Devil’s Lettuce” your parents (or you!) smoked at Woodstock. These days, there’s a strain, potency level, and ingestion method for virtually everyone. Dabbing, flower, vaping, and edibles are just a few of the many legal marijuana choices we have and that I pick up regularly from my guy at Select. However, which type best lines up to your personality and life stage?

If you’re Crushing it in your Career: 

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You don’t have time for anyone’s bullshit. Projects, meetings, and deadlines, none of them stand in your way, and from breakfast meetings to happy hours, you slay the dragon from morning to night. However you’re also considerate of your non-weed-smoking peers, and value discretion. You might take a smoke break, but you don’t want to disclose what exactly your smoking. If this sounds like you, chances are, vaping is for you keep it tidy and don’t stink up the place. Discreet and inconspicuous, you get your fix on the go without slowing down to roll a joint or pack a bowl.

Sour Diesel Pre Roll Art

If you’re Old School:

You’re a classic. You listen to NPR on the radio instead of streaming it online. Podcasts are just talk radio. You’ve been wearing mom jeans since before they were cool, and one of your favorite hobbies. You, my dear friend, are most likely a joint roller. Your preferred method is marijuana flower. You want it ground to perfection and tightly rolled into a smooth joint. This is the classic way to consume, and you’re a classic baby!

Edibles For Rookies | HDIGW

If you’re New School (What’s that?) 

You want to be Tik Tok famous, and your love language is social justice. You keep a middle part in your hair and wouldn’t be caught dead in skinny jeans or a man bun. Your crew keeps a hilarious group chat going, and you’re always down for a hike in the woods, but not without your trail mix. Your favorite part of getting high is licking the Cheeto dust off your fingers. Edibles are probably your thing.

If You Smoke to De-stress and Medicate 

Music festivals are your scene. You’ve been through some stressful shit, and you smoke to relax. You believe in the healing power of cannabis, and sometimes you can be found smudging your home with sage on the low. You’re chill and say your affirmations are quick to stand up for friends and family. You want top shelf, high grade shit. My diagnosis: top shelf indica from a glass pipe. Whether it’s a classic spoon, bubbler, or steamroller, you don’t discriminate so long as they are hand blown.

I myself am a mix of all of these personality types, so I indulge in pretty much all of them. My guy at Select keeps me covered, and no matter your style, they’ll cover you this 420. Whether you want to stick with your regular style or try something new.