Strain Reviews

Euphoria Strain Review

This strain is awesome. Do not pay attention to the alleged sativa/indica ratios you may find online. Unless these folks are testing each batch of the strains they are getting it is all a guess anyway.

Euphoria is said to be a 50/50 hybrid. I call bullshit. I would say 80/20 maybe! Euphoria will have your mind soaring with energy and creative thoughts, socially active, and physically primed for any activity. 50/50 I think not!

Euphoria strain may reach 20% THC levels while providing up to 9% CBD levels as well. Hence why this strain boosts the mood and just leaves you feeling euphoric. Euphoria tastes of tropical spicy floral berries and earth tones. This is a lovely wake and bake for a beautiful day my friends.  

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