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Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

We got a lot going on with this name. First you are a beast if you can say this 5 times fast without calling it “Amber” valley or “Ice-seem sake”. Then I’m like where the fuck is Ember Valley? Got it, it’s not a place, it’s an entity after looking it up on Google. They are growers based out of Shasta County, California…. Not to be confused with the cheap sodas from the 80’s I think are still around; different kind of Shasta.

Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake Art

Most importantly, cue my DJ Clue metal voice echo… “New strain, New strain, new strain”! Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake is a crossing of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 (aka Larry Bird). Wedding cake and Gelato are great hybrids that both are known for a delicious blend of flavors that also provide euphoric elation with balanced body effects. Let’s see what Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake does… I mean it from Select Co-op so you know it’s fire.

Let’s start with the sugary decadent taste. Damn if this is not named properly! There are hints of creamy vanilla, sugary frosting, sweet berries, and a hint of cookies. This strain is said to be indica leaning. I feel the body effects for sure. I suspect a high THC content. I am relaxed, but not couch locked. I could sleep if I chose to, but it is not predetermined with this strain. It definitely brings on the munchies so have water and a meal plan already in action!

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