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Effects of Marijuana Usage On Daily Life

Cannabis is often used to alleviate stress, and to eliminate the negative symptoms of anxiety and sadness. Many others, use cannabis recreationally, to have a good time. It important however to understand how cannabis use affects your daily life. For many regular users of marijuana, its detrimental effects on concentration, remembering, and learning may persist for days or weeks, depending on the person’s cannabis use history. This means that someone who smokes cannabis regularly may be operating at a lower intellectual level for the majority of the time, if not all of the time.

Although marijuana has been legalized in many places, the argument over whether or not it is detrimental to one’s health rages on. For many the medicinal benefits of cannabis outweighs its potential harm. Like anything else, cannabis is a substance that can be abused, or overindulged in. The potentially harmful effects include decreased brain health. Studies show that when individuals start smoking at an early age it may cause a lifelong IQ reduction of up to 8 points. These IQ points do not return even when smoking stops. Additionally, long-term marijuana usage has been linked to a decrease in motivation and poor academic performance. Also, marijuana usage is shown to affect rhythm, motion, and balance, potentially affecting athletic performance. This can be dangerous for anyone operating a vehicle, and can cause delayed response time.

However many point to the use of marijuana by highly successful people like billionaire Elon Musk. Musk injected himself into the conversation after smoking a fat joint, with podcaster Joe Rogan on his extremely popular podcast. While on air Musk happily toked, drank whiskey and for over two hours discussed a wide range of topics with Rogan, ranging from boring giant tunnels under Los Angeles to what he thinks about when he brushes his teeth. Elon Musk spends his days thinking and then literally executing ideas focused on improving the conditions of human kind. These include battery-powered cars, implanting chips in people’s brains or sending spaceships to Mars. The notion that marijuana usage has impeded his ability to be productive, or depleted his IQ seems silly.

Smoking marijuana is on the rise amongst people of all ages and genders. As recreational cannabis use becomes legal in more states its social usage is gaining more and more acceptability. Most people use marijuana to improve the quality of their daily life, much in the same way that most people use coffee. Others use cannabis for medical reasons. It has been proven notably effective in helping cancer patients, treating certain kinds of epilepsy, and in helping thousands of people manage pain and other mental issues. There are spiritual aspects of marijuana as well. Marijuana’s psychoactive qualities are used by many to help them increase consciousness and gain knowledge. Cannabis has a long storied history of use in religious rituals. It has been used by some to increase their appreciation and connection to nature.

Cannabis affects people in different ways. This depends on the person, the situation, the type and quality of cannabis, and the method of use. Research shows most people who use cannabis use it moderately. Since cannabis has a low risk for physical addiction, most people are not compelled to continue to use it. Instead, people use cannabis when they perceive its effects are beneficial.

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