Edible vs. Flowers: DC Delivery Dispensary Options

A common mistake is to assume that your experiences are universal with Edible vs. Flowers. That is why we often ask in shock or disbelief when someone asks about something that we have long since known with Edible vs. Flowers: DC Delivery Dispensary Options. Hey, I just learned that RICO means Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations. You may have long since known that but that is new information to me.


I recently learned that some friends of mine did not know what Edibles were. I laughed but again no knowledge is universal. I was asked, “why would someone market a snack as “Edibles…isn’t everything you eat edible?” After a chuckle I asked have you ever heard of people making weed brownies. Well the game has changed since experimenting with swag in the college dorm.

Edibles are foods infused with cannabis. They may be brownies, Candy bars, lollipops, Chocolates, Rice Krispie’s Treats… It could be anything. There are businesses that cater to clientele that want gourmet meals infused with cannabis; it usually is in the sauces for meats, gravies, or stews. Your DC delivery dispensaries usually carry packaged treats as they are easier to store and transport.

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Edible vs. Flowers: DC Delivery Dispensary Options

I have grabbed a few Belgian Chocobites from Select Co-op in the recent past. Be sure to ask about THC levels as of the product. Also, be leery that eating cannabis takes a little while longer to feel the effects, however, the effects may last for up to 12 hours and you may possibly feel the come down 24 hours later. It pays to read the labels concerning how much THC products contain and begin with small amounts.

Edible vs. Flowers: DC Delivery Dispensary Options

Edible vs. Flowers

Edibles containing cannabis may also provide a more intense or potent high than smoking flower cannabis. Again, read the label and begin with small amounts. When I first tried an edible, I grabbed a dark chocolate POW bar from Dc Cooperative. I was warned to tread lightly, but I gobbled down the whole thing because I am a smoker. In an hour I was at a level I did not plan to be at and was there for the rest of the night.

I have learned to be the most careful when consuming gummies when comparing the Edible vs. Flowers. Sour bears are my brand and Takoma Care and Wellness (TCW) consistently has them. One Sour Bear is equal to smoking a jay to the head. I was told that and heeded the advice. One Sour bear will get the most experienced smoker quite stoned. Often people chuck down a few as smoking is an instant high. Wait 30 to 40 minutes before eating another one as it will creep on you but hit hard!

My lady likes to grab the caramels and brownies off the menu from Gifted Legacy. Brownies are too much for me to consume to get high when it comes to the Edible vs. Flowers. I do not want to be full before the munchies even kick in… I smoke when using edibles, but the brownies have my lady turning down the jay every time.


I have used the term flowers assuming everyone knows what that means. Flowers are dried cannabis for smoking. What folks call weed. Cannabis flowers can be rolled in papers, blunts, packed in pipes, and/or used to make an edible. I simply smoke my flowers. I am a RAW paper rolling expert. However you consume your THC, enjoy your 4:20 experience!