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Eastern Promises Strain Review

“Ring the alarm, a new strain is growing. Ring the alarm a new strain we smoking, WOOOAAH!  This strain is wickedly named. Have you seen this movie?  Eastern Promises was one of the earliest films to set off gun and knife gore in films. Greatly named strain my friends!

Eastern Promises is a killer of a strain. This indica will soothe and relax all elements of your physical being. However, you will still be functional and focused. As a sativa lover, I appreciate this as a functional indica. What are its THC levels? I have no idea. I just know this is an excellently balanced hybrid.  

This is finally what I wanted. I tried Purple Haze years ago and loved the taste; yet the shit had me sleepy for over 36 hours. Eastern Promises smells like purp, looks like an exquisite dynamite form of purp, yet does not relax you to a comatose state. Great recommendation from Select Co-Op.  

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