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Dynamite Strain Review

Dynamite is pretty. The first thing noticed is the spectrum of pink and purple hues radiating through the buds. Its aesthetics make you appreciate the natural development of the life within specific strains growing and cultivating energy. Yeah, Dynamite takes me there! When put through the grinder a citrus berry sweet aura radiates the senses.  

I cant help it… It’s Dy-NO-MITE! giving myself a Jimmy Walker high five in the mirror. I am not a fan of indicas. Dynamite was recommended by my guy at Select for pain relief and muscle relaxation that won’t couchlock or slow me down just thinking and functioning. It definitely fits the bill.

The beauty of its appearance and the divine scent is enhanced by a clear, creative, fun mental effect. While the body is sedated the mind is functional and the body can be active. I wouldn’t work out or start the day with Dynamite but for after work or social gatherings this is a beautiful experience.

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