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Dutch Treat Strain Review

Dutch Treat makes me think of a not so sweet cheese based pastry for some reason. However, maybe some pudding with meat in it… Possibly a streusel maybe. Dutch Treat is an indica dominant strain that is said to be a staple in Amsterdam. Let’s check it out.

Dutch Treat Art

This strain is said to be about 80% indica dominant and THC levels are said to get up to 25%. I am not a fan of indicas. Most of the time I enjoy being aware of time and space. However, I had a bad foot injury that was painful and asked Select about the top indicas they had on deck. Dutch Treat did not disappoint. I was teased with slight energizing effects of bliss then the powerful sedating pain relieving effects hit me like a hammer. Wakeful couck-lock ensued.

Dutch Treat is said to be a descendant of Northern Lights and a Haze variety. The Haze would explain the brief sativa like energy. This strain tastes of piney menthol that is a little sweet. Honestly, I do not care about the flavor. I got this strain for its powerful indica effects and it did not disappoint.

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