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Durban Poison Strain Review

Whenever this strain is around I grab it. I love all the new sativa hybrids and creations. However, this strain is a sativa classic and a landrace that is a classic for a reason. Select has Durban Poison back on deck!

Durban Poison art

Durban Poison is said to be a pure sativa. Whatever the sativa percentages are, this strain instantly focuses the mind and energizes the body with a powerful elating motivating energy to conquer the day. Durban Poison can get up to 24% THC levels with 1% of CBD and CBN as well. Enjoy this anytime of day!

Durban Poison Art2

Durban Poison tastes of natural herbs, wood, and slightly piney elements. It tastes like you are smoking a natural herb from the Earth. It is not a combination of many engineered flavors. Enjoy Durban Poison for the refreshing and focusing sativa effects.

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