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Durban Delight Strain Review

New Strain… New Strain… Shouting it out like DJ Clue on the muffled mic. I ain’t see nothing online about this strain except for the dudes over there at HDIGW got it. Durban Delight is said to be a supercharged sativa. Let’s see what is the energy on the Double D. My guy at Select Co-Op strongly recommended it.

Durban Delight Art

Durban Delight is in the lineage of its South African parent of Durban Poison. A potent skunk was crossed with the Durban to create the Delight. The skunk gives the nuggets a dank smell that is slightly sweet and earthy. Orange hairs swirl around trichomes that are gleaming with terpene power. The buds stick to your fingers as you can feel the resinous oil of the skunk.

Durban Delight hits with an instant smack in the face, wakes you up, and gets your ass up. It’s like the energy behind those Frank Sinatra cartoon commercials for tea in the 90’s… “That’s Brisk Baby”! The taste hits with the crisp and sweet earth flavor mixed with some floral and fruity elements. This will have you charge for hours and zooming through the day. This is an awesome day-time strain so enjoy!

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