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Drizella Strain Review

This strain Drizella made me think of Benny the Butcher and them when I heard the name…You know “money bags and weight?!”  Drizella kinda sounds like Griselda. This strain is a highly energizing and motivating strain that is known among artists for the constant push of inspiration it gives them.

Drizella is said to be a 70% sativa leaning hybrid. This strain is the product of crossing Cinderella, White Widow, and Space Queen strains. I heard this was named after Cinderella’s evil sister. I obviously do not remember nonsense children stories as I am like… Cinderella had a sister?

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Drizella may get up to 20% THC levels. This strain has a wonderful flavor profile containing elements of tropical fruits and sweet vanilla spices. This strain provides a hazy, giddy, cerebral effect. The body will be warmed and quite aware of sensations so you may enjoy it with your intimate partner! Check our other gift ideas for valentines day here! Overall, I would recommend Drizella mostly because of the taste. It’s very flavorful it reminds me of the strain Strawberry Cough. I highly recommend picking up this strain at Select Co-op because it’s 100% worth your money to pick some up and try it out.

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