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Dream Kush Strain Review

Select Co-Op comes coming with the rare and obscure fire as of late. I guess that’s why they named it the “Select” Co-Op. Dream Kush is a dream strain. Kush is one of the few indicas of which I am a fan and Dream Kush is hard to come-by indica dominant strain. Let’s get into it.

Dream Kush art

Dream Kush is the offspring of Blue Dream and the legendary Captain Krypt strain. This strain is said to be 80% indica dominant, but the effects of this strain are complicated. THC levels can get up to 23% on Dream Kush. Dream Kush hit with an instant uplifting and euphoric feel. I noticed relaxation and body relieving pain effects without being sedated. It was a relaxed focus. Over time I came down, but never hit a sleepy period where I had to just sleep it off or be couchlocked as some report.

Dream Kush tastes amazing with an intense berry flavor that is accentuated by herbs and a woody spiciness. A subtle aroma and flavor of lemony earthy citrus berries makes this strain a cornucopia of flavors and scents. Enjoy this strain and the evening and have water nearby and your snacking planned in advance. Dry mouth and munchies hit hard as well.

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