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Dream Beaver Strain Review

I have seen way too many 80’s raunchy movies. The image I have in my mind upon hearing Dream beaver is a XXX flick. Sorry, it’s just where my mind went when I first heard of Dream Beaver! Like I can’t be the only one?! But I would have to say…. another great recommendation from Select Co-op besides the name.. Time for another strain review!

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Dream beaver is the product of crossing Dirty Hippy and Appalachia strains. Honestly, those two sound like the stars of the XXX flick. Ok! Last comment about that but I just had to get my point across! Anyways… this strain is said to be a 70% sativa dominant which is why I recommend this strain as an afternoon strain like a nice pick me up it keeps you focused but yet so relaxed at the same time… 

Dream Beaver infuses the mind with focus, motivation, and inspiration to create. I caught myself getting giddy while a functional warm body relaxation enveloped my being. This strain can reach up to 26% THC levels and tastes of a sweet fruit salad topped with pepper and spices. If you want to check out more of my reviews from Select Co-ops strains make sure to check them out here!

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