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DreadHead Strain Review

DreadHead Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

This is not DeadHead strain. I do not want to smoke something that sounds like something Joe Clark would warn me against… “It kills your brain cells son, it kills your brain cells.” This is not that so moving on let’s check out what the new strain DreadHead is all about.

Mendo Breath

Yes, you heard right… “Something new… From Select to you, “as the background singers from Grand-Daddy IU are letting you know. I honestly don’t know what I was getting into. I informed Select I needed evening wind down strains. I grabbed a few. This is the most potent. A little bit too much for me.


Deadhead is said to be a 90/10 indica leaning hybrid. I say that is accurate. Dreadhead is the product of crossing Mendo Breath and Blockhead. The result is a sledge hammer of potency. Goodnight Irene, the fat lady has sung… “Thanks for coming out God Bless” with a Russel Simmons lisp. This strain tastes of piney, earth tones, with slight vanilla elements. The taste does not matter though, because the couch or bed is all you will be focused on after the effects kick in!