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Double Diesel Strain Review

I am a Sour Diesel aficionado! In my early cannabis toking days it was the only “loud” I was exposed to that I enjoyed. I now realize I had no clue what indicas and sativas were and was often getting indicas. I would be so thankful when some diesel came around. What is better than some diesel?… Double Diesel!

double diesel art

Double Diesel is the amazing result of crossing NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel. The idea to do so is simply and brilliant to combine these closely related brethren. NYC Diesel carries more indica qualities and Sour Diesel is more of a sativa punch. The result is the sativa elements of NYC Diesel are increased and the medicating CBD elements of Sour Diesel are increased. Sour Diesel, while known for its sativa effects, also contains many terpenes for relief from pain and inflammation. Double Diesel can get up to 22% THC levels.

Double Diesel hits with intense cerebral focusing energy. The sativa effects are more mental with thoughts being directed intensely towards whatever task is at hand. The energy is less energizing and more focus and attention to detail. While the mind is focused a light haze of physical relaxation and pain relief washes over the body. There is no couchlock or tired effect, simply a noticeable buzz while the mind is engaged. The taste and smell is what it is supposed to be. It tastes like diesel mixed with diesel. Thank you Select Co-op.

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